17 Feb 2014

Miracle - OceanLab

Dear guys, I owe you another post today, at least to try to compensate my missed post of yesterday. What I'll give you is something special: this song comes out of the only CD I think I have ever preserved in my life, meaning that I tried not to listen to it too much. The story of it is that I got interested in it looking at its beautiful cover on iTunes and when I listened to it, I understood that it was a perfectly relaxing and focusing music for me. I have thus decided to use it only while studying in noisy places to isolate my mind and focus myself on studying. And it worked. Until I started really getting the songs in my head... now I like them a lot and kind of remember them, so it's not working as well as it used to, as I'm more concentrated on the music than on what else I should do. But this brings it back to a whole new level of liking. And this transition is taking its complete form with this post.
This post is for the whole Sirens of the Sea CD; the song I have chosen is still one of my favs of the whole album.

PS: For the optimization of G+ previews of my posts I will start putting a picture of the CD or the artist or anything else relevant to the song/post of the day. Let's hope it's gonna work!

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