4 Feb 2014

Seven devils - Florence + the Machine

You remember that yesterday I told you I had some tunes ready for the blog already? Well... they'll have to wait a bit more! Today at work I've been listening to Florence and it occurred to me (again) just how much I love her and her band (not to say that I need to listen to her to remember!). This is actually what has been for a long time my least favourite song on Ceremonials, her last album. I started coming to terms with it when it has been used as the soundtrack for a Game of Thrones trailer, than a friend of mine got close to Florence through it and so on... in a few words I ended up falling in love with this one too. So now I don't have any least favourite song on Ceremonials. Cool. 'Cos such an album doesn't deserve to have something as bad as a least favourite song!


  1. True..I love each and every song of Florence and the machine ...

  2. Me too, I just can't help it. Some of them take a long while, but sooner or later I love every damn thing she sings in the microphone! :)