4 Feb 2014

Off to the races - Lana del Rey

So, time has come for the tunes I put aside on sunday, at least for one of them. On saturday, as I mentioned already methinks, I bought two new CDs and one of them is Lana's Born to die - Paradise edition. My relationship with Lana has been pretty peculiar, at first I didn't like her at all, then I started being interested in her music with Young & Beautiful, the song she composed for the Great Gatsby's soundtrack, and from that moment on my liking has been growing and growing. To the point that around new year's I was listening back to some music I have been loving in 2013 and I came to realize just how much I've been listening to Lana's album last year. And now I'm still pleased to give it a listen or two form time to time. This time I've decided to post one of my personal favs (nothing new for the blog...!).

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