17 Feb 2014

Knees of my bees - Alanis Morissette

Hey guys! Yesterday I didn't post, I'm very sorry but I went to Plymouth with the other guys working with me, it's bee a very awesome trip with a beautiful sunny day we enjoyed till the end! Sadly enough, I was so tired that I realised just today that I didn't post anything. Anyway, yesterday my colleague T. withdrew a keyboards set in Plymouth, my other work mate H is about to buy a guitar and I felt excluded, so I decided to order a Harmonica on Amazon, a thing I have been planning for quite a long time. And so it is! I've been listening to Alanis Morissette today to refresh the songs I wanna learn to play, and in the end I'm posting a song that has no harmonica in it, but... it's so funny I know you'll love it anyway!

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