19 Feb 2014

Invisible - U2

U2 - Invisible
A few days ago U2 took part to the umpteenth social campaign, this time for AIDS prevention. U2 made available this song for free download on iTunes in collaboration with Bank of America, which donated 1$ for every download to Red, an organization co-founded by Bono to fight AIDS. I can't say how happy I am that people such as Bono and many others make such a good use of their fame to try and help others. I think that, besides U2's (many) music-related merits, this attachment to social causes and campaigning makes Bono & friends worthy of mention.
Coming to the song, it is quite good too and it also makes sense for the occasion: the lines "I’m more than you know, I’m more than you see here, More than you let me be", "You don’t see me but you will I am not invisible" and "There is no them, There’s only us" can be interpreted as a loud condemnation of discrimination of any kind. It just comes natural (to me) to apply them to gay people, the ones whose discrimination is most often linked to AIDS. And all of this happening during the olympic games in Sochi, with all the fuss that is taking place in Russia. Is it just a coincidence? I'd like to believe that it isn't. As it's never too early to dream of a world with no unjust, bad and unjustified discrimination and violence. And the sooner we dream of it, the sooner the dream will become reality.

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