31 Jan 2015

Arsonist's lullaby - Hozier

Arsonist's lullaby - Hozier
When an album is so great I would like to post it all and when it's as long as 17 tracks, well... chances are you get to see a lot of posts about it! And that's what's happening with me and Hozier, not that I'm complaining at all! I recently noticed he's coming to play a couple of dates in Italy this summer, pity I won't probably be here to go see him.
This convulse week has come to an end (working time did, at least) and today in the afternoon I have been finally able to get to know a little bit more about my future! On monday I will be moving to (close to) Venezia for a month, where I will attend a training, after which I will get my first real, paid job! So, what happens now is practically that I start working by attending a 1-month intensive training course. Which pretty much means studying. It's never over!

PS: I was particularly excited when I found out that Hozier's music had been used on Teen Wolf, pretty badass soundtrack for the end of the last season, kudos!!

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