12 Jan 2015

It will come back - Hozier

It will come back - Hozier
I was just scrolling down my last dozen posts and I realised I didn't post quite as much Hozier as I thought I did and as I wanted to! His eponymous debut album is for sure the one I've been listening to lately that I love the most, it's been my favourite listen since the last weeks of last year and I'm still enjoying it a lot, so it's definitely time to share with you one more song, especially as I've been listening to my playlist with some songs of his first and then to the whole album while I was getting my baggage ready and cleaning my room! Yes, I'm about to leave again soon...! I'll let you know more in the next few days, tomorrow I'll move back to Milan for starters. But let's not rush time and enjoy Hozier for now!

PS: I am amazed by how awesome and similar to the recorded version these live sessions are, just.... wow!

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