18 Jan 2015

Lovely day - ∆ (Alt-J)

Lovely day - ∆
Day 3 of DR holiday! Today I woke up with the awesome sound of my baggage rolling in the room (no, it's not deep!), pulled by my father who found a notice outside our door! Finally I got my stuff! Almost immediately the phrase "Reunited with my bag" came to my mind, and it was as much immediately followed by "and with you, Taro", rephrasing a lyric of Alt-J's song Taro. All of this to explain why I ended up listening to ∆ today and why I'm posting them, more in particular a song out of their latest album which came out a few months ago.
Music apart, today I took a walk 'on the wild side' (literally) with my father, as we walked on the foreshore moving out of the beach of our hotel and inside the wilder Caribbean, just to be struck by a (very Caribbean) quick rain storm, soaked to the skin and blown by the wind. Sometimes the comfort zone ain't that bad, is it?! Notwithstanding the weather (we didn't really see the sun clearly at all today), it's been a lovely day! Hope tomorrow is gonna be even better!

Funny fact: At one point, while listening to Alt-J on the poolside, a Latin music started playing quite loud so that I could hear it, and in my mind a picture (more kind of a video actually) formed with the singer Joe (in the picture above) singing the songs kind of against the Latin music, overcoming it when his singing in my earplugs was stronger than it! I was half asleep on the lounger but the scene was very vivid in my mind!! I found it very entertaining!

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