24 Jan 2015

Disappear - R.E.M.

Disappear - R.E.M.
"There is a calm I haven't come to yet
I spend half my life figuring what comes next
I telescoped in
I'll finally win
I'll finally win the prize
That now eyes see
A comic's perfect timing squeezed.
I'm head-first fighting everything
The crushing force of memory
Erasing all I've been
The vanishing point appears."

After many many hours of travelling I'm finally home, I took a nap, had a quick dinner and a hot bath and now I'm almost ready to get to sleep. I've not been feeling well since the flight back from America, as I've been writing before, and now I feel pain in my head when I turn it and look sideways, and the usual symptoms of fever (cold hands and stuff). I really hope I'm gonna get better soon, as my life is rapidly entering a spiral of important events! I'll just tell you that (if nothing goes wrong) I'm gonna be on a plane again on monday! Life aside, I was uncertain whether to play some music while having my bath, and when I decided not to, I plugged in the radio! Then after a quick look at my CD library my eye fell on R.E.M.'s Reveal and the song I'll take the rain came to my mind, I decided to play it in shuffle mode (and of course it was the first one to play)! The one that touched me more strongly this time though has been Disappear, another favourite from the album! The lyrics are quite meaningful for me now, I hope they resound in you too!

"I looked for you and everywhere.
I looked for you and everywhere.
Tell me why you're here.
I came to disappear."

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