2 Jan 2015

Girl who got away - Dido

Girl who got away - Dido
To celebrate the first post of this 2015 (late, of course, it wouldn't be me otherwise!) I decided to go back one more year instead, back to 2013. I mean, it was not an explicit decision, but my inspiration took me back there. I was skimming through my library for other new year's day-themed songs (besides U2's New Year day, that I posted one year ago already), and I was not very hopeful to find any. One of them was actually on Dido's latest album (taking away her best of), but it was the song on the album I like the least, and I don't count myself among the big fans of the album, so... it wasn't the right one. But given that I was on topic already, why not post something else from there, something I like way better? Girl who got away is the track also giving the title to the album, and its lyrics sounded like a good message to start the year, maybe a bit revisited!
In this new year I'm carrying with me old hopes and resolves, whose realization I keep putting my faith in, but also a great excitement for a new chapter of my life, whatever and wherever it will be... I wanna meet more interesting people, keep in contact with the ones I met already, do new things and especially visit new places!
If only for 2015 I wanna be the boy who got away, the one who took on a new path, the young man who had to become a little wilder.
If only for today I wanna be the girl who got away, the lover who really loved, the dancer who danced 'til the last dance.

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