31 Dec 2014

A new day has come - Céline Dion

It's the end of the year and I don't why this song got stuck in my head after lunch! Given that not only is a new day coming, but also a new year, it would make sense to use Celin Dion as my last post of the year! It's been somewhat funny, as after preparing liquorice gelato last night, just a few minutes ago I was making a mascarpone cream for pandoro to eat after midnight while listening to this song and, after it, to my May 2008 playlist that it was featured in. Moving from Eagly-Eye Cherry to Keane, from R.E.M. to Alanis Morissette... I figured that I was already listening to good music 6 years ago!! I didn't move too far away from my at-the-time favourites in terms of genre and singers, so here is one more proof that the year change is only nominal, but time goes by evenly...!
Yet, it wouldn't feel right to end the year without a little summary: for me 2014 has been the year I worked for the first time, the year I lived a few months in England, the year I travelled quite a bit around Europe and also, and maybe most importantly, the year I graduated, putting and end to my career as a student! Quite big things! I'm hoping for more exciting events to happen next year, as I will start working for real, getting money out of it (it's funny to think that the first money I "earned" stemmed out of this blog, just a few weeks ago!). For A song or two per day 2014 has been a very important year: I started the Google+ page of the blog, which helped me greatly increase my audience and my interaction with you guys, I started Pinterest (with limited success for now), I finally got recognized by Google and embedded in its systems, but it has also been the first full year I completed and the year I realized I was going through with this blog, that it was not going to slowly die out a few weeks or months after I started it. And that is mainly thanks to you all who are reading my posts, so a big thank you goes out to you all and I wish you the best for 2015 and all the time to come!!

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