9 Dec 2014

Just like Jesse James - Cher

Just like Jesse James - Cher
Graduation day is getting closer and closer, just 3 days before the end of my career as a student! It feels huge thinking about it, so I'd better focus on something else...! Today I started preparing for the discussion when I'll defend my thesis, but I haven't tried the speech yet, I'll do that tomorrow. A trip to the city center is also awaiting me, I hope I'll get some nice inspiration for xmas gifts as I'm pretty stuck for now! I'm also completing a new playlist, the first one for December and I will give you this as a sneaky peak of it, even if I still have a couple things I need to share with you from my current playlist! Get back to you tomorrow with that!

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  1. Clean and sound is good on my old Dell Inspiron (circa 2011) model Cheers and coffee for this tuesday A. M. Okie
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