5 Dec 2014

Dead air - Chvurches

Dead air - Chvrches
After the awesome collection of songs for the soundtrack of Catching Fire, I had very high expectations for that of the following chapter, the soundtrack curated by Lorde for the lately-released Mockingjay part I. The taste of it, with Yellow flicker beat, did live up to my expectations, but then... just before going to watch the movie I got to listen to the soundtrack and... well, it kinda sucks. Especially if compared to its predecessor. Given how much I came to love Lorde in the past year, I was expecting a work at least as good as the previous one, but I have been highly disappointed. My faith in Lorde as a composer and singer is unscathed, but as far as music tastes go... well, we're not really on the same page I think! This Dead air is one of the few songs I really came to like on that OST, so I'm quite happy to share it with you. Yet my excitement about the whole thing has very much cooled down... especially after listening to The hanging tree and realising it has not been included in the original soundtrack!

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