9 Dec 2014

What the water gave me - Florence + the Machine

What the water gave me -
Florence + the Machine
Minus 3 to graduation. Yesterday I promised I would post a song out of my not-so-current-anymore playlist, and of course here I am, not keeping my word as usual! But when Florence calls, I can't help answering. Today I brought my car to the tire repairer to change my tires into the winter ones and I took the chance to walk around a bit through the city center. Unfortunately I found no good inspiration for presents, which ain't that good a thing. While getting home I started listening to Ceremonials and I realized it will soon be the fourth year since its release, it seems like it has been released yesterday but also that it has been with me all my life. Well, it is an album I really consumed and it means a lot to me, so I will patiently wait for another masterpiece overcoming it to be released soon! It has also been a long time since I poster Florence, so I hope this will bring about a good vibe for exciting news to be announced soon, like, I don't know... a new album?!

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