17 Dec 2014

If you wait - London Grammar

If you wait - London Grammar
And to find just one other seems to be the goal of everyone
From the search to the hurt I believed I could take you on
We would drink, we would dance and you would watch me whenever you want

And can you give me everything everything everything
Cos I can’t give you anything
And if you wait, if you wait
I will trust in time that we will meet again

Today one of my dearest friends graduated and I'm so happy for her!
Unrelated to that, I have started a random play of London Grammar's debut album, and while this song was playing I was casually paying attention to the lyrics I quote up here, which struck me quite a lot, I feel them very close to my personal experience. I never paid them enough attention, nonetheless I have been utterly in love with the song and, being it the title-track of the album, I think it's a good post representing what has for sure been one of my top 3 albums in this 2014!

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