18 Dec 2014

My december - Scala & Kolacny brothers

My december - Scala & Kolacny Brothers
Last January the first piece of my Milanese heart was torn away, when fnac was bought by Trony and was selling out all the stuff before the take-over took place. At the time I didn't even know what would have happened, but when I came back from England my second Milanese mother was not there anymore. Or it was, same structure, but different looks, and a different heart. A couple of days ago another piece of my heart went missing, when I got to know that Mondadori, another one of the main multimedia retailers in the center, has closed down its store to move somewhere else. And today I found out that part of what used to be fnac, including the events area, where I first met Dolores O'Riordan right before I moved to Milan and later Caparezza and Nathalie, has become a gym. It really is time for me to start fresh somewhere else, as sometimes I have trouble recognizing the Milan I got to know... Anyway, back to last January, among the CD bargains that were there I bought a couple albums, and one of them is December, the one featuring this song. I came to start listening this CD in the summer and then I realised it was a collection of covers of christmas-related songs, so I waited until now to start getting to know it for real!

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