22 Dec 2014

Angel of small death and the codeine scene - Hozier

Angel of small death and the codeine
scene - Hozier
I've been listening to Hozier's album lately, after falling in love with his hit Take me to church back in the summer. The album is very pleasant and vibrant, I'm enjoying it more and more every time I listen to it, the songs are starting to stick in my mind, they are a good halfway between catchy and meaningful, I'm really really pleased! It's also an album that fits well this time of year, with me wandering around doing things, visiting grandparents, buying stuff, eating out, organizing xmas 'lunchers' (this year is pretty complicated!) and so... So, get ready to celebrate, whatever you believe in take this time of year to stay with the people that mean the most to you (I think I wrote that last year too....!) and try to find joy in it!
I chose this Angel of small death and the codeine scene, a great track that struck a chord (or two) in me already, the video I am attaching is a live official video, but it's so flawless you couldn't tell the difference between it and the recorded version on the album! Kudos!

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