8 Dec 2014

#sundayrevival Silent all these years - Tori Amos

Silent all these years - Tori Amos
Well, living at night, here I am! Today I got up at the shameful time of 4.15 PM. In my defense I went to bed late, at about 5, and I was woken up in the morning and couldn't fall asleep again for a while. Ok, that's a petty defense, I acknowledge that! Well, given that, the central event of my day has been taking a very hot bath and while doing that I was listening to some good music. First I put on Feist's The reminder and felt my bond with the songs I already loved on that album grow stronger. Then, after the water cooled down enough for me to get in the tank without burning, I put on the first CD of Tori's A piano: the collection, which is basically an extended version of Little earthquakes. I didn't get to listen to all the songs on there (which I anyway know by heart), but it still helped me find an inspiration for this (late) sundayrevival post. Silent all these years is maybe the most renowned song out Tori's debut album, it is also a worthy component of what is one of my favourite albums overall.

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