15 Dec 2014

#sundayrevival Love love love - Of monsters and men

Love love love - Of monsters and men
I've been meaning to post this yesterday (well, actually on saturday), but then the preparatives for graduation celebration got the best of me, and well... today it's been even worse, with coming back from Milan for a great lunch party with family and friends here in my hometown! This weekend has been overwhelming, absolutely CRAZY, I'm feeling so many emotions that it took me days to even start processing them! I'm full of joy for the celebration of the end of this chapter of my life, the amazing people that were around me, the support they gave me, the things we have done together! This same things also overwhelms me with sadness, as I started realising that it's really the end, it's for real. It's the first time in my (conscious) life that I'm not a student, and who knows what I am now! I'm really curious to get to know what is waiting for me, but also sad to leave this all behind. I really hope that the people who mean a lot to me today will keep occupying a relevant place in my life, and I'll dedicate this to them all, as representing a memoir of one of the best moments of these past two years!

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