29 Dec 2014

The garden - PJ Harvey

"There was trouble taking place.
Trouble taking place."

The garden - PJ Harvey
I woke up this morning with this lyric in my head and I knew instantly that it had to be the song I would post today! My temperature has (hopefully) gone, even though my throat is still sore. I think I can say that also because after sleeping from about 2 AM to past 2 PM and from about 5 PM to past 10.30 PM yesterday, last night I couldn't fall asleep, it took me quite a long time, thus further messing out my sleep-wake cycle but (methinks) showing that I didn't need anymore healing sleep. So here I am, getting through the late phases of this brief sickness in this sunny winter day with PJ Harvey, listening to music, watching TV series and reading books...! What else would you wanna do on the 29th of December?!

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