25 Feb 2015

Difficulty - KT Tunstall

Difficulty - KT Tunstall
Last night I was scrolling through my playlist and... well maybe I'm telling a lie. I actually don't remember if KT's album Tiger suit (my favourite of hers) came to my mind by itself or only after I stumbled on it on iTunes, well, fact is that a strong willingness to listen to it pervaded me and, voilà! I haven't been listening to it since last summer and, shame on me, I realised that I only posted one song out of it! It's really a pity because it's probably KT's least successful album in terms of popularity, at least here in Italy, but it is also my personal favourite, one of my favs overall! And to honour this undervalued masterpiece!

"What can I do in this world for you 
If difficulty is my friend 
Keeping me company when I know 
I don't need it"

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