9 Feb 2015

Jackie and Wilson - Hozier

Jackie and Wilson - Hozier
Hozier + Annie Lennox @ Grammys... I mean, wow! Did you watch their performance? I was amazed, had to watch it two times to recover from the emotional blow but... wow! Crazy intense! Unfortunately I haven't found a decent quality video recording of it available on the web yet, but... wow! Really, after a few hours I still haven't recovered! I'm more and more sad that Annie isn't touring anymore because of problems with stressing her voice, I would have loved to see her live!! And Hozier, so peaceful but resolute, almost eaten out by Annie's power but working as a perfect and complementary element... almost like a bass in a band! Wow... I can't stop being amazed by the power of this performance!
I've actually been willing to listen to Hozier's album since this morning, when my wake up call (his song Angel of small death and the Codeine scene) rang... I'm doing it just now, but with a more special feeling in my heart! It's so peculiar that I've been listening to his album and Annie's latest practically together and then they've performed together at the Grammys! And what a performance!! What I'm sharing with you is a song I put in my current playlist, actually one that I am greatly enjoying these days, it's called Jackie and Wilson, I hope you enjoy!

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