8 Feb 2015

#sundayrevival Caught a lite sneeze - Tori Amos

Caught a lite sneeze - Tori Amos
Recently Tori Amos has announced that her first two (solo) albums will be re-released in April with deluxe material (b-sides, live material and else), most of which I already own and know, so there's probably gonna be no need for me to buy them (again), unless they'll be out at a (significant) discount in a while! One nice surprise has been the new home page of her official website (here), where you can play a full studio version of Take to the sky, one of the extra materials out of her debut album and one of my favourite songs of hers and in general! But back to this week's sundayrevival: this morning I woke up "early" for my standards (around 10.30) and I've had time to take a good hot bath before getting ready to lunch at grandparents' and then to travel back to the Venice area for the next week of training course. While taking my relaxing bath (which was not hot enough though, what a shame!) I was playing Tori's third album, Boys for Pele, and I decided that one of the most popular songs out of it (it's been the first single if I remember correctly), but also one of my favourites on the album and a favourite of many ears-with-feet (aka Tori Amos fans), would have made an unforgettable sundayrevival post, so... here it is for you! Beware of lite breezes and try to catch your sneezes!

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