22 Feb 2015

#sundayrevival Lakehouse - Of monsters and men

Lakehouse - Of monsters and men
Another week has come to an end, so it time for a sundayrevival again! Tonite I took a hot bath (+ hydro) and, as you know, baths are a great source of musical inspiration, especially because in the bathroom where the tank is I have a CD-playing radio and in the next room my CD-collection, so that I almost always end up listening to old favourites! This time I actually decided to play the last physical CD I bought, that is OMAM's debut album. Their sophomore album is scheduled to be out this year and I didn't even know that until I found out that they are headlining a Milan festival, which unfortunately I won't most likely be able to attend...! As the record was playing, I remembered when I went to their concert with my friend B. almost two years ago and how she was trying to teach me how to sing on the way back in the car, with pretty poor success (not because of her)! Well... it was also the time when I started being schooled in singing and... ok, I won't go as far as saying that I can kinda sing now because it's not true, but sure I did improve since then, also thanks to my playing the harmonica! But that night in the car, singing la la la la las endlessly... I'll never forget about it!

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