24 Feb 2015

Where did all the love go? - Kasabian

Where did all the love go? -
Sometimes I lose faith in the ability and willingness of our generation to commit to long term relationships. Well, oftentimes. Almost all the time. At least as far as the (very limited amount of) experience I've had goes. Lately something has been moving, but I still couldn't find any person with the desire to get to know each other first and then think about other things. It really feels like we are a generation who only thinks about the present, about whatever "urgent needs" we feel we have. And that's where a long-term thinker like me gets fucked and has to compromise. But I did it once, I don't wanna do it again. I mean, it's not like I'm really opposed to it, it's just that it leaves me nothing, I need something more, I wanna have something more. I will endure. But there is a thing I'd like to know. Where did all the love go? I don't know. Neither do Kasabian.

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