19 Feb 2015

Thunderbolt - Björk

Thunderbolt - Bjork
People have been referring to this as "keyboard farts", stating that "the end of Thunderbolt sounds like a fart machine". I don't feel like easily dismissing these comments as worthless, because there is some truth in them. I mean, the end of this song and the idea of a fart machine are not the most different things in this universe. But not even the closest. Because, notwithstanding the result that can be more or less enjoyable, with more or less "artistic" value and gaining more or less the favour of listeners, the research behind is commendable. Taking new roads (and the risks that come with them), making use of the latest tools and even creating new tools to produce sounds is a great way to progress. And, come on, how cool is it to make music with a Tesla coil (a.k.a. as fart machine)?!

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