5 Feb 2015

Foreigner's god - Hozier

Foreigner's god - Hozier
Going on with the Hozier special of the week!! It feels like this has become an appointment, me posting a Hozier song every few days! Anyway, this is my current most-listened to, and for a reason that is unusual as far as my approach of approaching (sorry for the word play!) songs is concerned. I usually start focusing on the melody, while (I came to speculate) my subconscious is also assessing the lyrics. After I'm familiar with the musical side of a song, I get to read the lyrics and almost all the time the more I like the song, the more the lyrics mean to me! I've been explaining this with the supposition that I unconsciously assess the lyrics too and they influence my liking of a song without realising it. With this song it's different, the "chorus" line is repeated often and clearly in the song and it struck me quite a bit, I find it beautiful, moving and very to-the-point. It's the lyrics that brought me to appreciate the song (consciously), but in the end... the process doesn't matter much, what matters is the relationship with the song, ain't that true?

"Screaming the name of a foreigner's god: the purest expression of grief"

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