12 Feb 2015

What kind of man - Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine
I've been waiting for this moment for YEARS! It's been since 2011 that Florence + the Machine haven't released a new album, that's before I even went to Canada, before I started my Master of Science, long before I went to England and about three times the time that passed since I've started this blog!! Just to get an idea about it...
Yes, she did release new music, mainly movie soundtracks and yes, I did see her live twice in 2012, but... an album is still an album, it's a whole different kind of story. After giving us hints and tracks in the last few weeks and days, today they FINALLY premiered the first track out of the new album, that's gonna be called 'How big, how blue, how beautiful' and that's coming out in June. They also premiered the video of it, and I must say that, even if it usually takes me a while to appreciate F+tM music (and maybe also because I know that), I am absolutely in love and not at all disappointed with this first piece of art they released! It's not really like the "typical" F+tM song (us such thing even exists), I takes you by surprise, both musically and also visually, it's raw, much rawer than the poised Ceremonials, but it's her, it's them, it's Florence and it's the Machine, and I love them especially when they're raw! Soo, while anticipating the album, let's enjoy the first new Florence + the Machine music since 2013!!! I hope you'll love it too!

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