14 Feb 2015

Shots - Imagine Dragons

Shots - Imagine Dragons
I've been waiting for Imagine Dragons to release the official video of this song before posting it, as I have done with other songs in the past. It's been a while of a wait, especially because this is the song I liked the most out the materials released out of their sophomore album before it came out (yesterday actually). I quite like I bet my life now (I didn't at first) and I still don't like Gold, but this one... is a yes for me! I quite like the concept of the video too, pictures inside pictures inside pictures...!
I've recently read an article claiming that Imagine Dragons are not alternative, they are what passes for alternative nowadays and I tend to agree. It also criticized them for sometimes pushing it too far in terms of "alternativity", which I can't completely disagree with,  as oftentimes their songs have a little too many layers of sounds that don't make them very accessible or even enjoyable at times. What the article also stated is that they have a big songwriting talent, and I can't disagree with that either! This is the proof of it!

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