3 Feb 2015

Do it again - The Ting Tings

Do it again - The Ting Tings
I have just watched the video of the first single of Komminuet, a duo that got almost to the end of last year's Italian X-Factor and I was just realising how much they look like an Italian version of The Ting Tings: the Komminuet guy is "a rapper" and has a more central role in the singing part than Jules does in the Tings, but apart from that they are very similar, in particular they play a very similar genre, a kind of electro-hip hop and something else... quite peculiar! Anyway, back to the Tings, I have recently posted (I think) the first song out of their latest album a few days ago on the blog, now it's time for n°2, which is actually the first one that got my attention and one that I have just featured in my first February playlist! The other post didn't resonate much with you guys, so I hope that this one will have a little more success...! I know, this album is not (at all) my favourite work of them (for now), rather... yet it's very new, so it can only grow and a few songs are already showing potential in my opinion, so why don't you give it a try?!
Besides, I just found out that 'Do it again' has also been released as a single (well before the album came out)!! I like the video, it's pretty cool! And the song is really catchy, I'm sure you're gonna like it!

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