2 Feb 2015

#sundayrevival Numb - U2

Numb - U2
Hello folks, I am finally on transfer near Venice, more exactly in Marghera, one of the two on-the-ground little towns just opposite of Venice! Tomorrow I'm gonna start my training and today, after a lunch at my grandparents', has been mainly devoted to getting there and setting up. I think I realised (rather, confirmed) that travelling is going to suck up a lot of time (and money) during my next few weekend, unless I decide not to go back home... well, we'll see what the least painful alternative will be! I am a bit excited to start the intensive training tomorrow, I'll meet new people, hope they're nice, and it's the beginning... of a new beginning! Even if I'm feeling a bit stranded, not having a kitchen, not knowing where I will stay in the next few weeks, not having a proof that I will get some kind of reimbursement (even if I strongly hope so, as this course is having me and my parents hemorrhage money worse tha university)... well, I'm trying to be positive! I've already paid a visit to a mall they recently built near here, and I really like it, I don't why but I always find malls comforting! Moreover, it's very close to where I will have lectures, so it's gonna be a favourite spot I guess!
Ok, sometimes I forget that this is a music blog and I get lost telling about other crap, so: today I've been listening to a U2 playlist I recently created with my favourite songs of them; Numb is one of the songs of theirs I absolutely love and I think greatly described my feelings while I was driving on the highway towards here... veeery boring! It feels a bit like cheating as I don't think I have been knowing this song for long, but it sounded familiar when I approached it and given that it's from the early 90s... it makes for a good sundayrevival!

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