30 Mar 2015

Lover's eyes - Mumford & Sons

Lovers' eyes - Mumford & Sons
I know what you must be thinking: 'Hey, but M&S just released the first new track after 3 years? Why are you posting older stuff?' or something like that. Am I right? Well, anyway... first of all I'll quote my own comment when I shared their new song on Fb: "Just wondering why even the bands that successfully carved themselves a niche in the pop/rock world by doing something different from the masses then have / feel the need to standardize their sound. The songs may even be pretty (or ok), but please let's stop 'coldplaying' everything!". Yeah, that's it. So no posts about 'Believe' for now, let's see how the song and the whole album turn out in the future! But well... M&S got on my mind tonite for another reason: I was printing a paper in the hall of the hotel I'm staying in and at one point their song 'I will wait' started playing, so I started listening to their album 'Babel', I realised I have never paid much attention to this song, decided to add it to my future playlist and to post it here too. Now I'm listening to the Red Rocks live for the first time and I am kind of despairing about the shift to their current music...!

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