1 Mar 2015

#sundayrevival Just feel better - Santana feat. Steven Tyler

Just feel better - Santana feat. Steven Tyler
Old sayings always come in handy, and one of my favourites is the one about hitting two birds with one stone (or, in Italian, "catching two pigeons with one broad bean"). I just had a good chance to use that, as I was wondering what I could post for today's sundayrevival and then, 5 minutes later, I got this chorus in my head but couldn't remember which song it came from. After a very quick Google search (this time I've been lucky, a couple of other times my brain did this trick to me it has been way more cumbersome to find out which song I was thinking about, one of them is actually still pending!), I found out that Just feel better was the song I have been mumbling in my mind and voilĂ , here both of my problems were solved! I hope this can help you enjoy your sunday too!

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