30 Mar 2015

Red hill mining town - U2

Red hill mining town - U2

"I'm hangin' on."

"I'm still waiting."

In days like this, when nothing relevant happens (does it really?), you just spend your time relaxing and recharging your batteries (or not), taking a trip to the mall and buying things you don't need (do you?), when you're under the shower, listening to songs like this one, letting the hot water soak you and wash away you-don't-know-what (don't you?), songs that matter and that make you think about the big picture, about life, about things, about what you could do better, about what you don't have, about the person you are, about useless crap in the end (isn't it?), but they still make you feel important, alive, and somehow capable of altering your future, even slightly, with your actions and decisions (can we?), you feel that it matters. Stuff matters. It's your life in the end, what your senses perceive and what your mind grasps. It's days like this that...

"To let it go, and so to fade away..."

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