9 Mar 2015

#sundayrevival An ordinary life - Amy MacDonald

An ordinary life - Amy MacDonald
You guys thought I didn't post yesterday because I was planning something special for today? I hope not, that would be too high an opinion of me...! As usual, I simply forgot to post and, as often as it happens, I always find it funny that I forget to post in the days that I spend at home, when I'm not doing anything special (and when I would have plenty of time to prepare a good post)!! Well... that's how the human brain works, or at least how mine works... nothing to be proud about! Anyway, it's (actually it was) sunday and so it's time for some song I've been in love with for a long time. I chose Amy MacDonald for this week's revival because I've been (randomly... rather, chronologically) listening to her in the car this past week and well... this song is particularly meaningful for me now. I'm starting to work, like working for real, with a wage and stuff. That's gonna happen on tuesday, so I'm already preparing my luggage and stuff to move back to Veneto. I hope this transition won't last too long, but it's too soon already to update you about what's waiting for me next! In the meanwhile I'll just leave you with these wise words by Amy! Happy new week to you all!

"I don't know where I'll be in ten years time
I want to be free
I don't care about the cameras
I don't care about the lights
All I wanted was an ordinary life"

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