22 Mar 2015

#sundayrevival All fall down - OneRepublic

All fall down - OneRepublic
After and excruciatingly long drive from home to Conegliano, close to where I work (resting in a hotel here for the night), I have realised I've ended up in a thing that looks more like a prison than a hotel, as after I asked the lady at the reception how I could get out, given that she had closed the front door, she gave me the keys of a backdoor to access the hotel from the restaurant.... well, stuff happens and we all fall down! Coming to my room after dining with an ice cream and taking a shower, I was wondering what I could post for this week's sundayrevival. OneRepublic came to my mind somehow and given that I have posted very little stuff out of their first album (my favourite) it makes sense to give them a little room! All fall down is one of my favourite songs of theirs, as besides being a great pop/rock song in terms of lyrics and melodies, it prominently features a cello, my fav instrument!!! Enjoy and have a great new week!

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