15 Mar 2015

#sundayrevival Made for lovin' you - Anastacia

Made for lovin' you - Anastacia
Today is sunday and that means it's time for... sundayrevival!! I've had this song on my mind since yesterday and given that's it's quite old and it's on one of the first CDs I ever got (the then-so-fashionable compilations of early 00s), it really is a perfect song for this kind of posts! I have no idea why it came back to me now, I only know that it did. I have been singing it in my head and mumbling it while driving around northern Veneto with my parents this weekend, which has made a pretty nice trip for the weekend! The weekend itself seems to have lasted quite long, and that positive, so I hope I'll kick off the week of works with the right foot! Have a good nite and a great start of the new week!

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