6 Mar 2015

Come find me - Emile Hanyie (feat. Lykke Li & Romy XX)

Come find me - Emile Haynie
(feat. Lykke Li & Romy XX)
Hello people!! Today's been the first day of this week I didn't have to wake up early to carry out some courses around the city, and of course I ended up staying in bed until midday! I know myself all to well by now... but it's ok! Not a long day, but a really enjoyed one! And I wanna share with you some music I've been enjoying lately, just to stay on topic! I found out this song (and this songwriter) thanks to - I don't remember if Lykke Li's or the XX's facebook page - I think Lykke Li's. It turns out Emile Haynie has been composing songs for other people in the past few years and now he has released his first own album, with other singers featuring on the songs and offering their vocals. This is my favourite for the time being, a very introspective song, very Lykke Li's style, I'm sure you'll all gonna enjoy it too!! Have a good night!

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