29 Mar 2015

#sundayrevival Last night - Lunik

Last night - Lunik
I don't have a seasonal bond with many albums, the ones I love the most, I usually listen to them any time of year. Ok, some moments may fit better than others, but feeling a push to listen to a certain album when a time of years comes happens to me... well, with only two albums. The first one is Dido's debut 'No angel', which usually calls me when winter is coming, and the other one, the one whose seasonal power is the strongest, is Lunik's best-of 'Lonely letters', which marks for me the beginning of spring! And while spending a nice day around the parks, woods and city center of Treviso under a not-too-hot, rather just-warm-enough, end-of-March sun and blue sky, Lunik were the perfect soundtrack for my wandering!! Spring has finally come for real (it appears, I'll keep my fingers crossed!), so it's time to listen to Lunik, who have been accompanying the coming of my springtimes since 2009 (that's why this post is a sundayrevival, as, even if theoretically this post is for saturday, technically it's sunday already)!

"Many things I'd like to know, how to choose which way to go.
Many things I'd like to see, what you do for getting free.
If I could fly away alone, like a bird out on my own
Would I stop feeling so lost? I will never know..."

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