14 Jun 2015

Bad habit - Foals

Bad habit - Foals
Hello my dear followers!! I am in Bangkok again, and oh my my, what a... I don't even know how many hours it has been! On saturday I have taken a super intense and super rewarding trip around Veneto: first I climbed up Monte Grappa, the worst road I've ever driven, to reach the cemetery-like monument that lays at the top to remember the soldiers who died during World War 1. It's an amazing place, with an immense power, totally worth the harsh way there! Then I went to Bassano del Grappa, a very nice town at the foot of the mount with a famous wooden bridge. I stopped in a very very nice bar close to the bridge to eat a couple of small sandwiches, and then on the road again to Possagno, to visit the Gipsoteca of the famous sculptor Antonio Canova, where you can visit his home and his study, with a collection of the stamps of his most renowned works of art, an amazing place too! Final stop has been Asolo, another nice little town at the top of a hill/mount (again), hard to reach, but very nice to roam around in. The highlight of the town is an old fortress at the very top of a mountain, which I went to with the very last energies I had left in me, and it has been very rewarding, as you can see from the picture I am attaching to this post. Finally I drove to Treviso to collect a colleague of mine and to Venice airport to catch a flight to Abu Dhabi, and finally to here! Notwithstanding everything, I'm very happy about my bad habit of going to the end of one thing when I'm determined to do it, not minding what all the people say: it's the time when the adventures happen and when the stories to tell are built! Now I just wanna sleep, pity that I have to wake up in about 7 hours already, I don't know how I'm gonna make it!! Wish me luck!!

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