2 Jun 2015

Delilah - Florence + the Machine

Delilah - Florence + the Machine
It's been so nice being back to Milan that I didn't even have got time to post yesterday!! Moreover, I didn't even have time to download Florence's new album, WHICH FINALLY CAME OUT, on my ipod!! So what's the point of pre-ordering on Amazon and getting AutoRip and stuff?! Well, I did it now and I'm finally super ready to start listening, but not before sharing with you this last unbelievably great piece of music she shared with us a few days before the release and which I'm greatly in love with already (and falling for it more and more the more I listen to it, as with all the best Florence songs). I can't wait to share with you all the greatness of HBHBHB ('How big, how blue, how beautiful'), but one step at a time!!

"Too fast for freedom, sometimes it all falls down
these chains never leave me, I keep dragging them around"

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