9 Jun 2015

As far as I could get - Florence + the Machine

As far as I could get - Florence + the Machine
My obsession with HBHBHB (of course) isn't over yet, rather I think it's just at the beginning! I've been pretty much taken away by 'Delilah' and the title track's demo in the past couple of weeks, but I didn't forget about this other great tune that was released as a bonus track (or a 'Ship to wreck' b-side, I still haven't understood), which was very much appreciated by me when it was released, even if it soon fell under the shadow of such masterpieces as the above-mentioned 'Delilah' and others. Nonetheless listening to it a few more time, I found myself liking it more and more, so there's no way it is not deserving of a post on the blog! I have also been updating my playlists on Spotify, you can find the June one here (with the other songs posted this month, unfortunately I couldn't find this one...): why don't you give it a chance (or two) [per day]?!

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