7 Jun 2015

#sundayrevival Until the day is done - R.E.M.

Until the day is done - R.E.M.
This weekend always holds a special meaning for me: ok, I agree, F1 has lost a lot of its appeal in the last years, but the Montréal GP always holds a special place in my heart (as do Montecarlo and SPA). The best year has been 2011 hands down: it was the 12th of June (thanks WIkipedia for a heads-up about the exact day) and I remember it being the night before a university exam early in the morning. I remember vividly my excitement in watching the GP as I already knew I would be spending a semester in Montréal starting January of the subsequent year. Then there was the whole mess at the beginning of the race, it being postponed for like 2 hours due to a crazy rainstorm. I was almost tempted to say "well, whatever..." and go to bed, but the conditions were all coming together so perfectly that I decided to keep it up. And it was worth it. Oh, if it was worth it! The best (and also longest) F1 race ever!! This year has been ok, but not nearly as great as 2011. Anyway for this sundayrevival I wanna share with you a piece of music that I was listening to at the time, and that was already kind of a revival at the time, being the album it comes from released in 2008. Hope you enjoy it!

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