11 Jun 2015

War - Kodaline

War - Kodaline
"There's a war between my head and my heart and I don't know which side to take..."
How often does that happen?! I think it's a daily fight between rationality and passion, between doing what's right and 'righting' what you do, between doing what the others think you want to and doing what you want to. Because yes, sometimes the others know what's best for you, and your rational part does too. But we decide to ignore it. In the end it's "just" the choice of which road will bring us the most happiness. And our own perspective about it changes all the time. And in the end maybe the best thing is the very same choice process... and listening to great pieces of music during it!!
"Life, it's just the way it is, yeah the way it always was and it's alright..."

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