21 Jun 2015

Queen of peace - Florence + the Machine

Queen of peace - Florence + the Machine
I am back to Italy after one of the toughest weeks, in which I showed more strength of will than it was wise to, my health was not particularly bad but has never been good either, I didn't enjoy Bangkok at all as I hardly got out of my hotel room except for going to work (when I have been fit/crazy enough to), and overall I am very tried and weakened by the life-style I've been (compelled to be) taking lately, with no home and many flights and so on... I think my body was already weak, it has been since the beginning of the year, and this effort I require of it is not helping for sure... One more strain (a bit more pleasant) has been to buy the tickets for Florence's concert in Milan just before xmas, me and some friends have been tracking them and waiting for them to go on sale, but we didn't manage to get parterre tickets, it was actually even hard to get the B ring... well, whatever, we got them in the end, I hope I'll be able to go and enjoy it just as much as I did with her last one in 2012, one of the best nights of my life!! In the meanwhile I share with you another pearl out of the new album, 'How big, how blue, how beautiful'! This is 'Queen of peace', enjoy!

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