27 Jun 2015

True colors - Cyndi Lauper

True colors - Cyndi Lauper
Today it's been a pretty important day in terms of marriage freedom for gay people in America, so I felt that this fact needed celebration! I had planned to post a different song, as I have been listening to the Cranberries in these days and today in the shower I ended up listening to a few songs that (I realized later) I hadn't been listening to for more than 2 years, and I still knew the lyrics by heart!! But don't worry, they would make great sundayrevival posts so I think I will keep them on the side for a while! Today it's all about making a step forward in terms of respecting each others as human beings, valuing our differences and celebrating them instead of being scared by what's different.
I have been a bit uncertain on which song to post, but at the risk of being cliché, I wanna play it safe and choose a perfect anthem for this occasion! Happy US gay marriage day and pride week/month to you all!!

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