6 Jun 2015

How big, how blue, how beautiful (demo) - Florence + the Machine

"Between a crucifix and a Hollywood sign we decided to get hurt..."

How big, how blue, how beautiful (demo) -
Florence + the Machine
As you might have noticed (or maybe not), I have been quite obsessed with Florence + the Machine in the past week (well, let's say for the in the last 5 years...!), meaning that I have practically only been listening to their new album HBHBHB, more in particular to two songs on it in repeat. One of them is Delilah, which I have already posted and which is likely going on to become my favourite song of the year. The other one is this beautiful (and big and blue) thing I'm posting, that is the demo version of the title track. Don't mistake me, I have been mumbling "how big, how blue, how beautiful..." since the first promo video came out in February, and I love the original/album version. Yet this demo has something in it that I can't describe but that helped me connect with it at a more immediately reachable (but not superficial) level. I don't know, maybe by being a demo it has that kind of raw and undefined strength that catches you at the beginning and (maybe) is not able to keep you caught for long. Well... I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts! Anyway I have just one thing I wanna say about this album: How Big, How Blue, How BEAUTIFUL.
PS: The first lyric of this song is just genius, it kills me every time!

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