15 Jun 2015

Ottobre - Carmen Consoli

Ottobre - Carmen Consoli
Hey there, guess what?! I'm sick again... This time not even the air of Thailand (ok, I agree, Bangkok's air for sure is not among the best in the world) saved me from my post-plane illness. I hate being sick and I hate that this cure the specialist doctor gave me doesn't seem to be having any tangible effect for now, even if I'm taking in more meds than the average grandpa... Anyway, I have been meaning to post this a few days ago, than got carried over by the events, I will do it now: I apologise again for posting an Italian song, but I am really in love with it and actually I am really in love with Carmen's new album! This song 'Ottobre' (October) is about teenage years and spending time in Carmen's native Sicily in October, the "sweetest month". She sings a few lines that I interpret as describing a lesbian love, as two girls "got back into the scene with red cheeks and a good excuse", but it is just my own interpretation. My idea actually gets stronger with the chorus, when she sings that she would rather have chosen hell rather than the limbo if this was the price of freedom, and that heaven could wait if this was the price of freedom. A very sweet song anyway, hope you can enjoy!
PS: Ok, the Internet just gave me the final confirmation that my hypothesis is right!

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