4 Jun 2015

Westbound - Lizzy Grant (a.k.a. May Jailer, a.k.a. Lana del Rey)

Today didn't start in the best way possible: the water plastic bottle I had in my consultant rucksack was faulty and poured a good amount of its content around. Result: flooded bag, including all the stuff that was inside (from pc to charger, from food to CDs and wires). I don't know how, but it seems like everything is working fine! Plus, I later realized I (of course) also flooded my shirt, pants and underpants with the water that was coming out from the rucksack. All of this in the small 2 minutes walk form the car to the office. Nice, ain't it? Thanks goodness I could hang all my stuff around to dry as the best housewives would, and I brought my rucksack back in the car to dry up (which worked perfectly, just to let you know how hot it is around here these days)! Anyway it looks like stuff about my future is moving up (again), now we'll have to see how long it takes for stuff to happen...! Anyway for now I'm not westbound as Lana in her song, yet I'm going to go so far away that east and west are kinda blurred, plus it isn't out the question that I'm just taking the long way west!
(To listen to the song click here or on the picture caption)

Westbound - Lizzy Grant

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