9 Mar 2016

Disparate youth - Santigold

Disparate youth - Santigold
My life is getting a little bit out of control, especially as far as the wake and sleep cycle is concerned, but I'll work it out and find a good balance again (hopefully)! Older people often complain about our generation, saying that we think everything is due to us, that we don't invest time and energies into life issues as they did, that we are lazy and disrespectful, that we just complain and live in the social media realm rather than real life. All of these things are partly true, but also partly false. I believe that young people today are as disparate as they've ever been, because of the increased opportunities and information available, the range of choices available in any meaningful life decision has dramatically increased in the last few decades. That made us more picky, more choosy, more uncertain about what we want to do because there are so many possibilities... but this is our time and I think we are all doing our best. In the end, we are just the product of older generations and of all the past history of the world. We are the disparate youth generation and in the name of the moon, we will punish you!

"We know that we want more, a life worth fighting for"

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